Coaxial Filters

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* Low Loss

* High Power

* Quick Delivery

* 30 MHz to 20 GHz

Coaxial filter structures provide relatively high unloaded Q's in a moderate package size. Due to their mechanical configuration, they have inherently broad stopbands with very high attenuation levels. Element and housing size determine the upper stopband frequency limits. This topology is best suited for bandpass and lowpass structures.

Coaxial bandpass filters can be designed with percent bandwidths ranging from 1 to 70 percent. They consist of a series of semi-lumped lowpass sections, capacitively coupled, using dielectric spacers.

Coaxial lowpass filters consist of high and low impedance, semi-lumped elements supported by a dielectric tape in a cylindrical housing. These lowpass filters are ideal for harmonic suppression and rejection of out of band noise. They can be designed to handle power levels in excess of 1000 watts.

All of Freedom Microwave's coaxial filters are available with various types of connectors or PC pins. They can be installed in place of an existing cable run or can be bulkhead or fuse clip mounted.

While this topology has been in existence for almost four decades, there are certain frequency ranges and applications where the coaxial filter is the best alternative in terms of electrical performance and size.

Additionally, the standardized component structure allows for quick turn-around times with small quantity deliveries in as little as one week ARO.

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