TEM Mode Dielectric Combline

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* Compact Size

* Low Loss

* Surface Mount

* Low Cost


These filters consist of short circuited stub resonators dielectrically loaded to reduce their size. TEM dielectric resonators can be coupled to produce miniature bandpass or bandreject filters which are much smaller than cavity filters and have lower loss than lumped element or microstrip filters. For systems that share a common antenna, such as Tx/Rx communications systems, duplexers can be formed by combining bandpass filters to a common port.

Freedom Microwave manufactures TEM ceramic filters over the frequency range of 300 MHz to 3000 MHz. Through the use of hybrid circuit techniques, various amplitude response characteristics are realized.

TEM mode dielectric filters are available with either coaxial connectors or axial/radial feedthroughs for surface mount or PC mount installation.

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